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Huron Hockey Association

Welcome to Bergman Arena home of the Huron All Stars!

    Rooster Cup Schedule


    10:00 AM  -  Huron vs Aberdeen

    12:30 PM  -  Sioux Center vs Pierre

      5:00 PM   -   Pierre vs Aberdeen

      7:30 PM   -   Huron vs Sioux Center


    10:00 AM  -   Aberdeen vs Sioux Center

    12:30 PM   -   Huron vs Pierre

    HHA/Bergman Arena Covid Plan

    Huron Hockey Association / Bergman Arena Covid Plan
    Bergman Arena:
    Sneeze guards will be in place at concession stand and ticked booth
    Concession workers will wear face masks and gloves
    Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly
    Scorers table and penalty box workers will wear face masks
    Social distancing is encouraged throughout the arena
    SDAHA League games will be played in accordance to the SDAHA Covid Plan
    Players and workers will be allowed in rink 60 minutes prior to games
    Parents will be allowed in rink 30 minutes prior to games
    Teams are encouraged to immediately get undressed after games and exit locker rooms
    Masks will be required in locker rooms at all times
    Parents are encouraged to stay out of the locker rooms
    Players may enter the rink 30 minutes prior to their practice time and are encouraged to go
    directly to their locker room to get dressed
    Squirt level and older may get dressed at the rink prior to practice
    Mini Mite & Mite levels need to get dressed at home other than skates and helmet. Mini Mite
    and Mite players may enter the rink 15 minutes prior to their practice time. Skates and helmets
    may be put on at the rink.
    Locker rooms will be cleaned accordingly per use
    Parents are encouraged to social distance in bleachers if attending athlete’s practice
    Players are to immediately get undressed after practice and leave the rink
    If a player is staying at the rink due to another siblings practice, they must be accompanied by
    an adult/parent/guardian
    Locker Room Assignments:
    Boys Varsity: BV Locker room
    Girls Varsity: A
    Bantam: C
    Peewee: B
    Squirts: D
    MT & MM: Home (Please use hallway area to put skates and helmets on)
    Per the fluidity of Covid the HHA/Bergman Arena Covid plan is subject to change. Email will be
    sent with any updates as necessary and new signage will be posted at the rink.
    Should you have any questions please contact a board member.

    2020-21 Hockey Season

    The 2020-21 registration opens August 17th. Click the link below to register.


    Need to Sign up for Dibs? Click the link below


    Click the link below for helpful information about hockey. 

    Coaches Needed!

    If you are interested in coaching youth hockey. Submit your coaching application to Huron Hockey Association




    Sponsored by NorthWestern Energy

    NorthWestern Energy

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    Thank you NorthWestern Energy for donating new jerseys for our Mite team!

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    United Way

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    Thank you for helping us buy new helmets!